bill belichick

Team owner Robert Kraft called Belichick "the greatest coach of all times, which makes this decision to part ways so hard."
The Patriots coach has seen better days and now he's taking it out on the challenge flag.
Belichick was impressed after catching Taylor Swift play in the rain back in May.
The Rams' Super Bowl-winning coach appeared to get surprisingly shady toward the venerable New England Patriots leader.
"Sorry – I f****d this up. I double checked & I misread the text," Belichick told former Florida Dolphins coach Brian Flores in one message.
The New England Patriots coach might as well have had Maverick and Goose by his side as he prepared for a playoff game against Buffalo.
The quarterback and the coach reunited for one of the NFL's biggest games of the season.
The Patriots coach lost to his old quarterback Tom Brady and tried to win a battle with his teeth.
A look at the New England Patriots dynasty generates more tension ahead of Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady's first game against his old team.