Bill Bennett

A gift from her father when she was 8 years old sent Jean Bennett onto a career path in science and medicine, one that will
In the wake of the devastating Mt. Polley Mine disaster, and even as the latest tests confirmed elevated levels of toxic copper and lead in aquatic life, a predictable progression is already underway.
Before the shutdown, the New York Times reported that Republican pipeline supporters were planning to demand Keystone XL
"Our participants come to the Workshop at a critical point in their careers. We identify them just before they launch and provide a training ground for them to hone the skills they will need to succeed. Think of it as a finishing school." - ASCAP's Jennifer Harmon
McCrory said he doesn't believe state tax dollars should be used to help students at the University of North Carolina-Chapel
Governor McCrory, I don't know why you think you have a crystal ball. When students are well-rounded, the whole society benefits.
Pat McCrory's statement has unleashed a torrent of comments on already. McCrory is not alone in calling for overhaul of his state's universities and community colleges. The governors of Wisconsin, Texas, and Florida, all Republicans, have proposed similar ideas,
Ignorance requires no evidence and no research. It can be endlessly repeated and rapidly spread. It inflames passions. Its pervasiveness wears down those who attempt to combat it. Which brings me to North Carolina Governor Patrick McCrory.
"Is this the way we want America to go?" Feinstein said. "In other words, the rights of the few overcome the safety of the
But speaking before a riled-up crowd at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., which drew about 2,000 attendees, speakers
Today, there's not a single Republican in the House of Representatives willing to defend federal accountability mandates. The GOP conversation has shifted to transparency. What a difference a decade makes.
What should the House majority do about the health care law? De-fund it. Take away the money without which ObamaCare comes to a screeching halt.
So here's how you succeed as commander in the Afghanistan War, General Petraeus. You stay a reasonable length of time, then get your butt out of there and blame all subsequent failures on your successor.
Who knew? Who knew that Scott Brown's election to the Teddy seat in the United States Senate would break open the slush of bipartisanship?
That conservatives have such a blind, ignorant, hot hatred for Barack Obama and for anything that isn't them, that they'll sell America down Grover Norquist's bathtub drain just to have their way.
WATCH: Conservative commentator Bill Bennett certainly didn't endear himself to the residents of Chicago during a recent
Sen. Landrieu was right, the price tag-- and the stakes-- were high.  In a letter signed by 5 former Census directors (both
Like other leading economic indicators that have shown consistent improvement this year, the jobs market is nearing a bottom. Do you think Republicans are giving the president any credit for this marked improvement?