Bill Bratton

Edward Mullins, a controversial police sergeant whom former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton once called "Crazy Eddie," declared Sessions an honorary member of his organization on Friday.
While solving murders was difficult, especially with corrupt cops, the police could make quick work out of the impoverished people out front in the public's eye -- burnishing the credibility of both politicians and the NYPD at the same time.
There have been a number of disturbing events of police misconduct around the country that have been caught on tape and we must make sure these officers are properly disciplined. But we must not lose sight of the fact that every day, New York's thin blue line keep all of us safe and they continue to do so by breaking previous crime lows.
And yet, his grand re-welcoming under an allegedly 'progressive' administration ignored this history. He was hailed as an
"It's not that we don't need policing. The problem is that the police that we've been given are not benefitting the people."
Bill Bratton Said Donald Trump 'Scares' Him
Bratton was appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2014.
Street vendors have always been in the crosshairs of the Broken Windows theory of policing. When the disorder-busting approach
Mayor Bill de Blasio is trying to help end the school-to-prison pipeline.
Bill Bratton has called the Black Lives Matter movement a "leaderless crusade."
Mayor Bill de Blasio has repeatedly said that the Vision Zero is part and parcel of Broken Windows policing, a controversial low-level enforcement philosophy which has come under scrutiny by activists and protesters the last few years.
I feel as if I have a responsibility as an artist to bring awareness to harm caused by guns.
At a community meeting I attended last summer in Brooklyn, a resident complained to the Commanding Officer of the local precinct about a violent crime that occurred on her block: a gun point robbery. What were the police doing to solve the crime and to ensure that it doesn't happen again, the woman asked?
It's part of a new initiative to improve community relations.