bill burr

The man who wrote the book on password security now says those hard-to-remember passwords don’t actually provide extra security.
Nothing at Walmart is worth getting trampled over.
It is important to remember that "they were asking for it" is used not only in instances of discipline. It is used in situations of abuse -- to defend the abuser.
Is it possible to have too much comedy? Festival Supreme seems to be insistent on testing that limit, adding a fourth stage this year. The third annual Festival, which took place in downtown Los Angeles, was chock full of comedians, sketch acts, rock bands, and oddities this past weekend.
If you have to say, "I'm not being a jerk," you're probably being a jerk.
If you're a fan of Lake Placid, I dare you to mount a sensible defense against this show's hilarious onslaught. And yet, I am strangely driven to see it again...
5. Anyone can do it. Photo by Mindy Tucker Madrigal: "It's just like with stand-up, I just tell them to start. You just have