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Former White House Staff Bill Burton details the time President Obama's 2008 remarks about meeting with then President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad caught everyone off guard.
Right now, this fig-leaf notion that campaigns and super PACs cannot (and thus do not) coordinate with each other is all
Fox News' Megyn Kelly found herself defending her own network Tuesday night after attempting to criticize Hillary Clinton
This is not going to even remotely require a "high level of discipline" to pull off. Would you like to follow me on Twitter
The 2014 midterm election was such a drubbing for Democrats, so embarrassing in its lopsidedness, that there doesn't appear
With that quick first $1 million, Lessig may have shown that campaign finance reform can have an immediate appeal, but he
Burton also predicted that rejecting the pipeline would not be detrimental to Democrats in an election year. "The energy
Supporters and critics alike describe the Idaho Republican congressman as a self-confident firebrand eager to speak out, especially in private meetings with his fellow Republicans.
Labrador emphasizes that added border security and stronger interior enforcement of the immigration law should be in place
Watch Labrador and Burton battle over immigration above "I think I know more than you do about immigration and immigration
His defense was not strong enough for O'Brien and she eventually bet Burton on the lack of diversity in Obama's White House
Although he wasn't running for office, his Crossroads organizations spent more than $300 million on Republican candidates
Priorities USA Action, the super PAC supporting Obama, raised $13 million in the first half of October, according to a report
Leading the way is Priorities USA Action, a group backing President Barack Obama and run by former White House aide Bill
There is no immediate word on how much money is behind the new campaign, though officials say it will "complement" the $30
WASHINGTON -- The primary super PAC backing President Barack Obama's reelection campaign, Priorities USA Action, will report
The hero-like reception that Bill Burton, founder of the Obama-backing Priorities USA Action, received while strolling the
"We will have the resources for it," Burton said. TAMPA, Fla. -- The Obama-supporting super PAC Priorities USA Action is
Priorities USA has spent millions attacking Republican candidate Romney in recent months. The most recent advertisement made
2011-11-29-20111107bothsidesnow.jpgSpitzer and Matalin debate five new presidential ads -- which are telling, tasteless, true? Then, is Harry Reid a lying McCarthyite or brilliant Machiavellian on Romney's hidden taxes...and is Ryan right or merely far-right?