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Ed O’Neill, the NYPD’s chief of department, announced this week that there have been 439 shootings in in the city so far
The mayor -- normally an ally of Torres, Reynoso and other left-leaning council members -- told reporters Wednesday that
In 2008, officer Adrian Schoolcraft started secretly recording his supervisors telling him and his fellow cops in the Bedford
"For the CCRB to be ignored is inexplicable," Dunn said. The police department has declined to prosecute 24.5 percent of
But as The New York Times points out, it's difficult to draw conclusions by looking at the stop-and-frisk practices of Newark
Five NYPD unions filed motions on Friday seeking to block the city's settlement ending the stop-and-frisk lawsuit on Friday, arguing it would leave in place a federal judge's "grossly flawed" rulings.
De Blasio announced in January that he would settle a lawsuit against the city over the NYPD's use of stop and frisk, brought
Bratton, who has previously led the NYPD and the Los Angeles Police Department, has earned his share of admirers. But his past support for discriminatory policies de Blasio campaigned against makes him a curious choice for commissioner.
There's no one reason why there are so many fewer murders now than in the bad old days of the 1980s, de Blasio said. But
De Blasio is proposing research-based programs. Those who care about education and kids should be cheering and should gladly pay an extra $973 (or more if their income is higher) to do what is right for kids.