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Former “Sex and the City” star and activist Cynthia Nixon has announced she’s running for governor of New York.
At least 12 people have been killed after a fire swept through an apartment in the Bronx, making it the deadliest blaze in New York in more than 25 years.
Former Sex and the City star and New York activist Cynthia Nixon is considering a run for governor.
The loss of any child is painful; a loss that could have been prevented is almost too much to bear.
Despite the controversies that mar its still-short legacy, the Uber app could end up being a big part of the solution toward modernizing transportation. Stepping back for a second, can we think about what kind of transportation system makes sense, and what would be in the public interest?
America is "treating" mental illness through incarceration -- and the price we are paying as a country is enormous.
Editor: Yeah, basically. Would you like to follow me on Twitter? Because why not? Me: Wait, though! You do not actually believe
Decisions by leaders are fraught with risk. No matter what decisions leaders make or fail to make, whether on profound or trivial issues, they are bound to be criticized.
During a press conference Monday afternoon, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said the unions had agreed to stop putting out
For half a century beginning with Franklin Roosevelt, there was a direct connection between the problems that afflicted American society and the remedies on offer from our democratic system. High unemployment? The New Deal, the World War II mobilization, and the postwar boom took care of that. Stagnant wages? With unions, growing productivity, minimum wage laws, and other regulation of labor standards -- American real wages tripled. Education? The G.I. bill, massive investment in public universities, community colleges, and later in public elementary and secondary education produced a better educated and more productive population. The exclusion of blacks from the American dream? A mass movement and a revolution in civil rights law made a big down-payment on redeeming the promise of Lincoln. I could go on, but you get the point. In the last century, democratic politics addressed real problems.
Environmental toxins and pollutants know no class or race, and yet government policies and corporate activities place an undue burden on the health of the poor and communities of color.
The powerful, super-wealthy people at the top of the economic food chain have noticed all this populist stirring. Boy, have they noticed. In spite of all their power and wealth, they are offended that anyone is suggesting that the system should be tinkered with. They're speaking out -- in truly silly ways -- and putting their money where their mouths are.
Mayor DeBlasio and other good Democrats may not understand how public benefits raise wages, but their opponents sure do.
When Bill de Blasio moved into Gracie Mansion, he became mayor of 59 community districts that constitute New York City. As he eloquently described during his campaign, these districts comprise two distinct cities that have very little in common.
For startups, there are three areas that need our immediate attention. Sleeping, Connecting, and Enjoying.
Read the whole story at YES! The story of his election is also the story of the rise of the Working Families Party, which
"One of the lessons I learned on the Obama campaign is that your measures of success ... are about how many people online
The deeper you look, the stronger the evidence that de Blasio’s victory is an omen of what may become the defining story