Bill Konigsberg

HuffPost has a first look at the cover for "The Bridge," due out in September.
The author hopes "The Music of What Happens" will inspire readers to fall in love ... and think twice about gender roles.
To be a true patriot, we must love the clashes of culture, race, national origin, sexual orientation, class, politics, ideology, and religion. We must relish the fact that this country will never be united, because these clashes are in many cases unsolvable. I think the key may be to embrace the chaos.
The most surprising aspect of my current Trevor Project Awareness Tour has been the overwhelming percentage of trans teens I've met.
I realized that the very fact that so many schools declined my invitation, and that this school wanted me to talk about LGBTQ suicide statistics without focusing on the word "gay," was the problem.
When you're 16 years old, you have absolutely no control over where you live and where you go to school. And if you're LGBTQ, that lack of control is multiplied by a zillion.