Bill Mumy

"My favorite writers were always real personal writers. I loved Jackson Browne's early stuff and John Lennon's stuff where you thought he was singing about you when he sang "Help," but he was really singing about himself."
"I'm a staunch believer that, no matter what kind of a roller-coaster of life we may be on, we're gonna be here. It's not
Bowling for Soup band members are big fans of comedy in general, and stand-up comedy with Steve Martin was one of their favorites. As their original drummer jokingly said, "We should call the band Bowling For Soup."
Steve Earle spoke to me from Liuzza's in New Orleans, where he had just ordered a Po Boy, and where he is currently filming the second season of HBO's Treme.
Today, Gerry Beckley tells the story behind his new album, Unfortunate Casino.
"Buzzer" is the album's most complex and surreal recording. It is an edgy piece crafted around her character's life choices and their results.