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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said hackers did not change or alter data.
Neither the machine recount nor the manual recount of “overvotes” and “undervotes” appreciably changed the final margin of votes.
The biggest difference, observers say, is the rhetoric elected officials are using to escalate accusations of fraud.
Broward County's new numbers probably wouldn't have affected the final results, though.
Twitter users cited other Bible verses that may be more appropriate for the Florida senator.
Rick Scott is trying to limit the number of votes that can be recounted in Florida’s Democrat-leaning counties.
Gov. Rick Scott wants to block the state from counting ballots not tallied by the deadline for submitting unofficial results.
Trump and Scott have offered no proof for claims of rampant fraud in Scott's contentious Senate race against Bill Nelson, which looks headed for a recount.
The Florida Senate race will undergo a machine recount, then a hand recount, starting this weekend.
The 2018 Senate race in Florida between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson is headed to a recount.
Under Florida law, if the unofficial results show a margin of 0.5 percent or less, the race heads to a machine recount, ordered by the secretary of state.
Democrat Bill Nelson said he doesn’t plan to concede, since Republican Scott's margin of victory will trigger a recount.
The Democratic Party’s biggest name came in to throw his weight against Trump’s support for Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott.
While campaigning in Florida for Andrew Gillum, former President Barack Obama responded to hecklers with good humor.
The president is making two visits to Florida in the final six days before the midterms to prop up the gubernatorial and Senate races.
It’s not just "red tide" that’s plaguing the Florida governor’s run for Senate. "King tides" caused by rising sea levels are flooding southeast Florida every autumn.
The former vice president backed candidates for governor and Senate and laid out his case against President Donald Trump as he considers a 2020 presidential bid.
The Category 4 storm is bringing a potentially lethal storm surge to the Sunshine State’s Gulf Coast.
Obamacare, guns and red tide could help give Bill Nelson a fourth term in U.S. Senate