Bill Peduto

Mayor Bill Peduto, who had urged Trump to postpone his visit, was among the elected officials who declined to join the president.
President Trump's suggestion to put armed guards in places of worship doesn't have much evidence to back it up.
Progressive Jewish leaders in Pittsburgh published an open letter Sunday urging Trump not to visit “until you fully denounce white nationalism."
"We will work together as one. We will defeat hate with love," Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said after the shooting at the city's Tree of Life synagogue.
"I don't think that's the answer to this problem," Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said in the wake of the Tree of Life Congregation shooting.
The Prime Minister of Fiji, Frank Bainimarama, is the official host of this year’s UN Climate Summit, COP 23. But we’re meeting
This could be the key for Democrats to win back the working-class voters who elected President Donald Trump.
Warhol himself painted what is consider the most valuable art car in the world, a BMW M1 in the late 1970s. After some conversation
On December 29 in the year 2005, I had a whim -- why not start a blog about LGBT issues? It would be a fun way to share information about the community, I thought. So my website guy got me started on the blogware platform and I was off. I was 35 and antsy.
Eileen Halloran has knee replacement surgery scheduled for late August and will have to schedule a hysterectomy soon afterwards. She and her partner, an employee of Allegheny County, have carefully coordinated their respective health needs and recuperation periods. But now their careful plans for their health and their relationship are now up in the air.