bill ritter

And with her guidance, I came up with a plan; a plan that involved other professors, from here and at other universities
Although you wouldn't know it from the GOP's presidential candidates, there are signs that more conservatives are warming up to the idea that global warming is real and we really need to do something.
All the financing tools -- federal, state, local and private -- could be mobilized in a national campaign to create a low-carbon U.S. economy, and to achieve it more rapidly than any other major energy shift in American history.
Remove barriers to the clean energy transition. There has been talk of a "death spiral" in the utility industry as nontraditional
The ubiquitous chamber of commerce populates America's business topography comparable to apple pie, baseball and midsummer
When the lights and camera are cued, not only is a news show taking place, but an outstanding education is in the making.
Who knew how much of a threat the U.N. is? I've been depressed that it was in decline, but I guess I was wrong.
Colorado's bank failures in the first years of this century will reflect badly on the state for some time to come. But you don't hear many calls for crackdowns on the fast-money track records of the failed banks.
I've known Michael for almost 20 years. He's a strong leader who cares deeply about the people, neighborhoods and businesses
“So this is a punishment to communities that don’t want participate and it is a reward to communities that do want to participate
The Fourmile Fire was Colorado's largest wildfire disaster in history. But in terms of becoming a declared federal disaster
Natural gas has many applications, for utilities, transportation and other energy needs. It can and must be a major part of our energy future -- along with wind, solar, biofuels, clean coal, nuclear, energy efficiency measures, and other technologies.
John Hickenlooper told a conservative journalist that he'll use two cellphones, one for conducting the people's business and another for personal and campaign work. Other state officials should now follow Hick's lead.
The trade group representing oil and natural gas drillers in Colorado announced on Thursday that it was dropping a lawsuit
DENVER -- Advocates for immigrants' rights are commending Gov. Bill Ritter for withholding Colorado participation in a federal
Ritter will begin his new job in February. He leaves office on January 11 when Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, also a Democrat
Additionally, the Denver Post reported on Tuesday that Ritter is also seeking to allow local communities with a clear option
DENVER -- Colorado Republicans who vowed to reverse oil and gas regulations that they claimed were strangling the industry
Bill Ritter's administration is in a turf war with the State Board of Education over sex, kids and health care reform. State
In a statement Wenesday, Ritter said the 15 men and 5 women he chose to pardon had all "demonstrated great remorse, an effort