bill shuster

It’s an admission rooted in political reality and the congressional calendar.
Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan could be facing a showdown with Trump over infrastructure spending.
Shuster is under fire for maintaining a romantic relationship with a top airline lobbyist.
That the House transportation committee chair is the *actual sweetheart* of an industry lobbyist is probably just a coincidence.
House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster is dating a top lobbyist for the leading U.S. airline
Rep. Bill Shuster (R) defeated Democrat Alanna Hartzok in Tuesday's midterm election. Shuster and Hartzok were facing off
Shuster said he would explore funding alternatives to the gas tax when his committee takes up a new highway bill to replace
Transportation groups representing the construction industry, state officials and other infrastructure advocates tell The
Most Americans agree with Shuster, according to a recent HuffPost/YouGov poll. Flight attendants are also against phone calls
"Congressman Shuster is appreciative of the support that he has received," Shuster campaign manager Sean Joyce said in a