Bill Stepien

Trump's former campaign manager, who said he quit working for Trump over his lie about a stolen election, has already made at least $1.4 million by fueling it.
The committee announced that Trump's campaign manager, Bill Stepien, is among the witnesses scheduled to testify at a hearing Monday.
The cascade of cases appears to be largely linked to the Rose Garden announcement of Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court.
Bill Stepien appears to have taken a $5,000 a month pay cut when he took over the top job, just weeks before Biden outraised Trump by $154 million.
Bill Stepien picks up the president’s “FAKE POLLS!” message as surveys continue to show former Vice President Joe Biden leading.
President Donald Trump is demoting his campaign manager Brad Parscale amid plummeting poll numbers and a failed rally in Oklahoma.
The former campaign manager's "Death Star" boast is now blowing up on him.
The White House said veteran political operative Bill Stepien will step into the role just four months before the 2020 election.
These two investigations exist on parallel, yet vastly different planes. While both are seeking information on the same issues, the outcomes both desire are different.