bill traylor

Emotionally winded, she spots a handsome man (Anslem Richardson) sitting at table nearby and asks if she can join him. He nods. They chat. He says he's a travel photographer. She says she's a travel writer. You sense at least one of them is lying.
Carl Hammer discovered the nation's greatest outsider artists with a car and some intuition.
There has been a lot of talk as of late about the receding importance of brick and mortar gallery spaces and a perceived dearth of quality programming at those that still exist. I did not see a lot of evidence of gallery Armageddon as I conducted my monthly review of painting shows.
2. Morris Hirshfield Below we've compiled a primer on outsider art, providing an introduction to 10 crucial outsider and
September traditionally marks the beginning of the art season, at least as far as commercial galleries are concerned. As collectors and art world professionals return from summer destinations far and wide, you can feel the art world start to shift into high gear.
Putting Traylor at the forefront of the mid-20th century African-American context for art today seems an act of reclamation that, in addition to restoring the African-American artistic heritage, also dispels the unfortunate aura of Outsiderism,
The line to which one might be considered an "Outsider" artist has gotten very blurry in the past decade and the definition