Billboard Music Award

The “Twerk” rapper initially “brushed it off” not realizing just how much she actually revealed to the crowd.
Kelly's performance at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards left fans wondering whether he and Fox have secretly tied the knot.
Justin Bieber is also up for 13 awards at the show, which will air on May 15 from Las Vegas.
The former teen actor turned pop star will be honored at the Billboard Women in Music Awards in March.
The singer's recognition marks a milestone for the history of the award.
He sang "Never Break" in his first performance since Teigen suffered a pregnancy loss.
The "Truth Hurts" singer wore a black-and-white "Vote" dress as she spoke out against voter suppression.
"We were randomly inviting people that we met [at the Billboard Music Awards]," the actress said.
The singer said she "may nor may not have broken down in tears after the show from pain."
The "Game of Thrones" bride jetted to the year 3000 in this Louis Vuitton creation.