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Drake’s 3-year-old son, Adonis, sobbed onstage as his dad accepted Billboard’s Artist of the Decade award.
Drake was named Artist of the Decade, but it was 3-year-old Adonis who seemed the most overwhelmed.
The former "American Idol" judge mesmerized audiences at the Billboard Music Awards with the midshow mishap.
The Canadian musicians had a magical moment backstage at the Billboard Music Awards.
“Wearing the jacket Prince gave me back in the day without permission from BET."
Madonna performed a love song for Prince, and it wasn't about who's the most talented performer on Earth, or who's the best (there are no "bests" in subjective mediums), or who can prove they're the right person to honor a dead man. No one wins that prize.
The release of Ariana Grande's newest album, Dangerous Woman, has her fans going crazy! What better way to celebrate the
There've been lots of people defending Madonna's tribute to Prince at the Billboard Music Awards. They point out that she wore a flashy suit and there was a purple chair. Wasn't that well-staged? Yeah, right, as if Prince was only about what things looked like.
His "Beauty Behind the Madness" album has sold more than three million copies, featuring hits like "The Hills" and "Can't
The "Sorry" singer just wants a little authenticity.