By asking Americans to discover Mohammad, the campaign is similar in some ways to efforts by evangelical Christians whose
Everyone has heard about the "Deflategate" situation ad nauseum. Punishment has been laid down, splitting the fans of the sport, Patriots fans vs. everyone else. In response to the fine levied to the Patriots, a fan started a "Go Fund Me" campaign to pay the team's $1 million bill.
Living in London is getting more and more expensive, and those most affected by the increasing costs are raising their voices
This post was originally published on HuffPost Maghreb and was translated into English. Student artwork by women artists
Larsen's inspiration for The Joy Team arrived in the fall of 2009 when she came across a local bus shelter that, in place
It's hard to imagine artists working without the generosity of wealthy patrons. So, it may seem shocking that BC Biermann and Jordan Seiler thrive on pissing those patrons off by protesting public ad spaces.
The human eye is hard-wired to look at bright, moving or flashing objects. It's an evolutionary feature that protects all animals from potential threats. When something moves quickly, your eyes automatically look towards it.
It's summer vacation, and I have two small boys in the car with me all day long now. Boys old enough to read and ask questions on an endless loop every time we leave the house: "What's a sex tape Mommy?," "Why is that lady in her underwear Mommy?"
As this study explicitly notes, there is no appreciable difference between motorist distractions for electronic billboards
Japan (from the series Trouble Spots), 1988 chromogenic print 30 x 40 One billboard reads "Oranges On Fire" atop an illustration
Yesterday in Tennessee, in a narrow vote swung by just six percent, the United Auto Workers' efforts to unionize the Chattanooga Volkswagen workers fell short, 712-626. The 'yes' votes began to fade away in the final two weeks due to a barrage of billboards like the following...
A church in Nevada County, Calif., has been ordered by local officials to remove a sign that says, "Support Our Troops," or
Names of cities are not just collections of letters. When you read "Rome" or hear "Hanoi" you get a firecracker flash. A row of mental lightbulbs pops on, you see a private marquee picture of the place, and then, when you think of something else, it's gone.
Every time I write about the changes that occur in grammar, people always ask me who makes up the rules of grammar. That
“We feel as a couple our goal is to market ourselves to as many people [as possible] to let them know there’s an option for
We may have come across the most honest billboard ever. On Wednesday, Redditor Rontjunior posted a photo of the roadside
A recent wave of nostalgia accompanied by trips back "home", have had me pondering why we sometimes think that what we left
But is the sign too good to be true? The message was signed, "Your (soon-to-be-ex) Wife, Emily." The billboard received so