Well that's one way to get back at the haters.
A previous billboard campaign by ICNA two years ago invited Americans to see similarities between Christianity and Islam
Everyone has heard about the "Deflategate" situation ad nauseum. Punishment has been laid down, splitting the fans of the sport, Patriots fans vs. everyone else. In response to the fine levied to the Patriots, a fan started a "Go Fund Me" campaign to pay the team's $1 million bill.
Rebecca Ross, a communication design lecturer at Central Saint Martins school, helped launch a platform for Britons to speak
The project, initiated by Danish visual artist Hanne Lise Thomsen, first went public in 2003 in Malmö, Sweden, and Copenhagen
Larsen spread positive messages of her own for the first time several months later with the help of her daughter, Taryn. After
It's hard to imagine artists working without the generosity of wealthy patrons. So, it may seem shocking that BC Biermann and Jordan Seiler thrive on pissing those patrons off by protesting public ad spaces.
The human eye is hard-wired to look at bright, moving or flashing objects. It's an evolutionary feature that protects all animals from potential threats. When something moves quickly, your eyes automatically look towards it.
It's summer vacation, and I have two small boys in the car with me all day long now. Boys old enough to read and ask questions on an endless loop every time we leave the house: "What's a sex tape Mommy?," "Why is that lady in her underwear Mommy?"
These concerns for limiting growth aim to distract from the true issues. A recent study stated the truth concerning safety