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He believed that all men were lost and would face God's judgment.
As an evangelical Christian, I've finally come to the sad conclusion that the public rhetoric of the current CEO of the Billy Graham Association is nothing but a #GrahamShame.
Franklin Graham took to Facebook to announce he is moving his accounts to another bank to protest the Wells Fargo commercial featuring a lesbian couple. He is boycotting Tiffany's because they are selling wedding rings to gay couples. So is it safe to assume that he will be moving his Facebook and Twitter and Google and YouTube accounts to other media? Friendster, maybe?
“At Wells Fargo, serving every customer is core to our vision and values,” Wells Fargo spokesperson Christina Kolbjornsen
Bono composed the poem in 2002 after visiting Billy and Ruth Graham at their home in western North Carolina. Several years
Some of my earliest memories growing up in the church were times I’d sneak upstairs to the sanctuary when no one else was
Graham's final visit with JFK was the 1963 National Prayer Breakfast. At the conclusion of the meeting, Kennedy asked Graham
Time will tell if this foray into the political realm will affect Graham's long-term legacy. Why has the famed evangelist
Billy Graham's own website is automated so that Christians who search for the term "Mormon" will get this page result and be informed, straight from Graham himself, that the Mormon Church is in reality a cult. It's that simple.
"In short," Voorhees ruled Friday (Oct. 5), "(McCallum's) claims of racial discrimination are not borne out by the evidence