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Billy Porter

The stars were out to shine on the red carpet at this year’s 71st Primetime Emmy Awards.
“Pose” star and Tony award-winner Billy Porter has been nominated for his first Emmy. Take a look back at some of his achievements throughout the years.
The "Pose" star's Celestino Couture gown was made out of the "Kinky Boots" curtain -- offering a message about women's rights and a wink to his history.
Billy Porter made headlines for his Met Gala look, thanks to design duo The Blonds.
Men and women alike were rocking suits on the red carpet.
The "Pose" star caught everyone's eye on the Oscars red carpet, but he's been serving up serious looks for years.
Pantsuits, metallics and odes to the past — here are some of the daring Oscars red carpet looks.
"We have to be active, and as artists, we get to do that through art. This is when we are needed the most.”
Was there something in Kinky Boots that you wanted to do that you had to scrap? David Rockwell Annette Bening I know you
NEW YORK - Gleeks and Difficult People rejoice! Julie Klausner (Difficult People) and Matthew Morrison (Finding Neverland
Shuffle Along gives us a stageful of black artists finally seizing control of their own work from the maw of racism. That is the story. The subtext, unfortunately, is a bit more complicated.
Presenters and performers intertwined. You might have wished for a production number from Hamilton, but Rory O'Malley, "the
"We want to expand our network of Ambassadors," Anspichler says. "We had Global Ambassadors doing an initiative with us. Our
(Some of the complexities of the show--particularly a weighty and overlong second act--took weeks of previews to hone; which
Over the last eight years, while President Obama attempted to do his job and a large percentage of our country medicated itself with the important things, like reality show star Kim Kardashian's big ass, the Hydra of Lerna--the Republican party and cable news networks--have seemingly reduced the US election process itself to a reality show with a big ass.
Ricky Ritzel is the Manhattan club world's kinetic musical fixture, the creative whirlwind who chaperones the weekly reunifications of Judy Garland and not-so-ever-lovin' daughter Liza -- or reasonable facsimiles thereof -- at Don't Tell Mama.
The Tony winner joins a starry lineup on a new EP of tunes by songwriting duo Will Van Dyke and Jeff Talbott.