Billy Tauzin

The potential for 340B abuse is indeed lucrative. Hospitals and pharmacies, for instance, are supposed to bill Medicaid no
Billy Tauzin Chokes Up About Life-Saving Pharmaceuticals
In many cases, these types of revolving door arrangements drastically shape the laws we all live under. For example, former
WASHINGTON -- The chief executives of major companies are frequently blasted for their massive salaries, but new reports
The U.S. pays far higher prices for the drugs than other industrial nations, even though U.S. taxpayers often have paid to invent the drugs. How could this be?
In return, however, they exacted a high price: a promise by the White House to oppose any congressional efforts to use the
All of the senators and House members working on financial reform should pledge right now that they will not retire only to go work for the likes of Goldman Sachs, Citibank, or JP Morgan Chase.
Bayh blamed lack of bipartisanship for his decision, but of all the potential reasons for his leaving the senate, this one is the most likely to be bogus.
Within a few months of being sworn in, the President and his aides were sitting down with leaders from the pharma industry to hash out a deal that they thought would make health care reform possible.
"And then we'll tell the pharmaceutical companies, 'Thanks, but no thanks, for overpriced drugs.' Drugs that cost twice as
Four years ago, a group of lawmakers and aides crafted Medicare Part D, the prescription drug program for seniors that has
The real Obama is muddied by his defenders. They want to pat us on the head and try to tell us that we don't remember Barack
My column this week looks at the evolution of impressions of the Medicare prescription drug benefit among seniors in the
Based on what the mainstream press has been reporting, the president is letting us down. But the truth is, the press is just engaging in a time-honored media sport: first build someone up then tear him down.
When Cheney was caught having secret meetings with oil companies, we denounced it as a case of foxes in the henhouse. But Obama's secret meetings, he assures us, are in the public interest.
For some, the system works best when elites make the most fundamental decisions for our society, unencumbered by the trappings of "democracy", and when the population is depoliticized, misinformed, or both.
Progressives were outraged when the Bush administration banned Medicare from negotiating for lower drug prices. It's time for outrage when the Obama administration does the same.
The White House has abandoned any real effort to control costs in the pharma sector and Democrats have taken this hands-off approach as a green light to side with Big Pharma.
As a candidate for president, Barack Obama lambasted drug companies and the influence they wielded in Washington. He even
Nobody could be better positioned than the Democrats who call themselves "Blue Dogs" to sabotage healthcare reform, the primary