binge drinking

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One area where breaking the glass ceiling isn’t a good thing.
DSM-5 made a mistake when it joined together into one big, heterogeneous category ('Substance Use Disorder') what in DSM IV had been two quite different diagnoses ('Substance Abuse' and 'Substance Dependence').
I danced on bars. Duck face was my go-to pose. I was THAT girl.
Before I begin talking, most of them are completely unaware that more than 90 percent of the alcohol consumed by young people is in the form of binge drinking and that in 2010 more than 189,000 emergency room visits by persons under the age of 21 were linked to alcohol. My goal is to inform them about what science tells us so they can use the information in a tangible way.
You know a handful of facts about his life, but do you know, actually know, Brock Turner? You may know an allegedly "entitled
I still remember the first reports around the year 2000 that wine was heart healthy and should be included in our daily diet
It is terribly important that we not drink and drive but maybe it's also time to think a bit about the way we drink. The risks of binge drinking are believed by some to make alcohol the most dangerous of drugs. Maybe the message should not just be "Don't Drive Drunk" but "Don't Drunk."
Why is the drinking age 21 in the first place? The legal drinking age in the United States has been 21 since the National