binge eating

Get dumped, reach for a pint of ice cream. Here's why your brain tells you to grab a spoon.
They do not make themselves feel guilty or ashamed about their food choices. do not restrict calories or carbs or whatever
Then the thoughts about food go away until they get hungry again. Crazy right? Love, the minute we are exposed to a stressful
I have a very vivid memory of the first time I ever experienced shame over eating too much (or, at least, the first episode
Andrea: The book was written for adolescents who struggle with overeating, binge eating and body image. It can also help
Being thin, or of so-called 'normal' weight does not guarantee health. And being fat does not mean per se that one is unhealthy
This journey which frees you from dieting, leads you right into yourself - into your life, into your deepest self, into your precious heart. And that cannot be gained from any diet.
... bombarded by fear of the "obesity epidemic," surrounded by diet culture, fitspo, thinspo -- and peppered with unrepresentative
The biggest challenge for me was avoiding unhealthy snacks (or any snacks) late at night, after a long day of work. I would put my kids to bed, and sit down at my laptop to continue to do work. Then the cravings would hit.
In one sweeping moment of realization, standing barefoot on a manual metal scale in a doctor's office at 10:00 on a Monday
The following are some of the research-based reasons to consider starting a regular meditation practice.
The relationship I want to have with food is this: I want enjoy preparing and eating my meals and then when I am done, I want to go live my life to the fullest. I want the food that I eat to give me the energy and nutrition to keep my body healthy and allow me to use my life force for the greatest good.
Monday Weekends may look a little different. I may eat pizza, have some wine, or have a dessert. I eat "healthy" (healthy
Melissa Reagan Brunetti, C.N.C Author, The Sweet Side of Balance 3. Sleep Deprivation- We often
I hurriedly stuff caramels into my mouth. The same caramels I bought weeks ago. The same caramels that never before had posed a threat to my 'no binge' resolve -- because, hey, they just weren't 'my thing.'
I welcome the change from being a director at work to being an outpatient at the treatment center. Someone is caring for me. Someone is monitoring me. I relax the reins. It feels safe there. Contained. Warm and dusky. Like I imagine a womb.
The daily onslaught of guilt and remorse that washed over me every time I stuck my fingers down my throat to throw up have finally outweighed and overruled the benefits of staying with ED. He is an adolescent crush that needs shredding and shedding. He has long outlasted his usefulness.
We often forget that not only is compulsive exercise a frequent and devastating symptom, but that eating disorder sufferers are some of the most altruistic and self-sacrificing people you will ever meet. Holding an event in which they are unable or should not fully participate seems not quite thought through.
Practice conscious breathing for 10 minutes each day. Conscious breathing has a relaxing, healing effect. But how often do