binge eating

"I finally told my husband what was going on. He was shocked ― he had no idea about the severity of my eating issues."
The four-time Grammy winner credited wife Cherry Seaborn with encouraging him to focus on his mental and physical health.
Get dumped, reach for a pint of ice cream. Here's why your brain tells you to grab a spoon.
It's because 'normal' eaters don't have food rules. They know it's a holiday period. 2. Give Yourself Unconditional Permission
Nope again- that would make them physically uncomfortable and normal eaters avoid that feeling when they can. Plus- they
I have a very vivid memory of the first time I ever experienced shame over eating too much (or, at least, the first episode
Janice: Can you tell us a little bit about each of the four sections of the book?  Andrea: The book was written for adolescents
The problem is that diets don't work for permanent weight loss, for 95% or so of people who try it. This has been well documented
This journey which frees you from dieting, leads you right into yourself - into your life, into your deepest self, into your precious heart. And that cannot be gained from any diet.