binge watching

"What am I binge watching? A f**king toddler. You?"
Admit it: Netflix is the third party in your relationship.
The streaming giant has a good idea what you'll watch after finishing all of "Orange Is the New Black."
You know, anyone who's bursting with talent and initiative.
While I could write an entire article just on this topic, the core takeaway is that all eating is emotional eating. You are
It's the golden age of television. This era can be overwhelming for some viewers, with so many choices, there's no urgency
A mother walks into the living room where her pre-teen daughter sprawled on the couch, glued to the TV. Mom is carrying a newly purchased backpack, and states smugly, "She spent the summer binge-watching. Soon she'll be binge-studying." Why do I hate this commercial? Let me count the ways.
Lena Dunham reminded me that good writing transcends generations. If we keep our minds and hearts open, each generation has something to learn from the other. Even if at first glance what they write looks to be pitiful characters.