biodegradable plastic

The iconic New Orleans party favors are getting an eco-friendly makeover.
At this point, recycling won’t save us. But there are some other scientific innovations that might.
Compostable products still end up in landfills, where they do not break down any faster than regular plastic.
A new U.N. report says the supposed greener technology is anything but.
Since it can be sourced from otherwise landfill-bound sources of cellulose like waste paper and even old clothing, Zeoform
Every mom asks questions about the plastic in her house: where it came from, who made it, what exactly it's made of and how many nonrenewable resources went into its manufacture. As an environmental engineer, I can tell you that many of the answers can be frightening.
A former geology professor of mine used to say that this period of geologic history would be seen in the future as "The Pampers Layer." That can't be the legacy we intend to leave.