The FDA has cracked down on the doctor who created the first three-parent embryo, which could have widespread implications for other advancements in the controversial field of human genetic modification.
A new design imagines an in-home device that would simulate a human womb.
"Sports are not political. Sports unify people," the Vice Minister said. He recalled the term "ping pong diplomacy" from
President-elect Donald Trump has been unclear so far on how many of his campaign pledges he actually intends to see through.
And by the way, there is still a Democratic Party, though one that has less power than it has for about 90 years. In the
The era of male-only embryo production is not yet here, but a major step in that direction was reported this week by another Japanese team.
Hinduism is a conglomeration of a variety of beliefs and practices with no one, or official, set of doctrines or religious authorities. I thus offer an account of brain death from a systematic, and somewhat unified, perspective shared by several schools of Hindu philosophy concerning the mechanisms and components of consciousness and cognition.
The agency responsible for setting up these contracts? The notorious Stasi, the East German secret police force that included