biological parents

Our greatest joy came at the expense of this woman's greatest loss.
I needed you to love me, but you didn’t.
It's difficult to articulate the overwhelming feelings of anxiety that led up to that morning's breakfast. Despite what I'm told are good looks inherited from my mother, I ached more than anything to have a slight resemblance to the man equally responsible for my existence.
Burger King was the final straw that an adopted upstate New York woman needed to launch her own search for her birth parents.
When I was 6 years old, I told my mother that I wished that she would die so that I could have a daddy. We were in a yellow NYC taxicab on the way to my sixth birthday party. I had found my non-biological mother's Achilles' heel and swung a golf club into it. And it felt like shit for both of us.
Susan has been a surrogate mother for 8 babies. As a single mom herself, it was a good way to earn money and give to others... until a biological parent decided against having the twins, while Susan was still pregnant with them.
During the oral arguments of the adoption case before the U.S. Supreme Court this week, I heard lawyers working hard to explain what is in a young child's best interests. This is unusual. Family law issues like this rarely come before the court.