“It looks like another planet,” one Twitter user said about the neon blue hue.
Bioluminescent plankton are responsible for the beautiful but troubling bloom.
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You'll need to know a few tricks in order to take your night in a bio bay from mediocre to once-in-a-lifetime. Here's how to see a bioluminescent bay and leave with nothing but glowing reviews.
Bioluminescence has transformed the coast of Tasmania into a glowing neon blue wonderland that has attracted tourists, scientists, and photographers from all over.
If you're familiar with the 2009 science fiction film, "Avatar," you may have enjoyed the beautifully lush extraterrestrial glowing rainforest. But the other worldly glowing rainforest that I experienced was far closer to home, in the Peruvian Amazon of Tambopata this past March.
Made up of 26 atolls scattered in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a beach destination that's totally set apart from other tropical getaways like the Caribbean and Mexico.
What's the best place on Earth for viewing the Milky Way? And when is the best time to see those cute turtle hatchlings on