bipartisan politics

The Senate majority leader's attempt to slam incoming Democrats doesn't go over very well.
“We’ve weathered in this country Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, and now we’re back to worrying about S**tstorm Donald."
An increasing number of Americans are calling out for more choice and a stronger voice in our elections.
There is a great deal of uncertainty about how such a sweeping initiative would be funded.
Resistance to tyranny must not be seen in partisan terms.
No challenge in the Democratic Party will have legs unless people are in motion, mobilizing, challenging business as usual, and forcing politicians to get outside of their comfort zone. Dislodging the entrenched interests and big money that dominate our politics won't be easy.
"Give me your tired" and Republicans demand President Obama meet them at the border. Give me "your poor" and Republicans demand they be sent back immediately.
I love my sister; hate her politics. Where do we stand on the issues? Let's just say that one of us gets all our information from Fox News and the other one gets it from The New York Times.
If you want hope and change in politics, mayors offer tons of it. The key to success in their jobs, they say, is to avoid -- as indeed they do -- partisan bickering and focus on What Works.
Why would anyone who truly cares about the open Internet pick the warm afterglow of the anti-SOPA campaign to launch a highly inflammatory attack on longstanding allies.
Somewhere amongst the blob of partisan political analysis, reality television contests and mass commercialization that makes up our popular culture, is a world of politics that attempts to fit in. The problem is, real political discussion cannot exist in such a setting.
An election like this one always calls for both moral centering and political recalibration. Leaders of both parties were talking the morning after the election about cooperation to solve the nation's problems. That will likely also take a movement.
On Tuesday, HuffPost's Ryan Grim went on MSNBC to discuss President Obama's surprise appearance before the White House press