bird flu

About 55,000 birds will be euthanized.
This is the country's first bird flu outbreak in nearly two years.
I think we need to change the phrase "breed like rabbits" to "breed like humans," as no other species on this planet even comes close to the human reproduction rate. As our population grows, available land shrinks and more and more people are forced to live in crowded, urbanized environments, a situation ripe for the easy spread and emergence of infectious agents.
The country's last outbreak was in 2007.
"The world is at risk because there are huge gaps in our knowledge base."
A new study led by East-West Center researchers and funded by the National Science Foundation has confirmed suspicions that "peri-urban" areas at the outer fringes of cities are particular hot spots for the emergence of animal-to-human infectious diseases.
Still, Lyons said Costco has no plans to raise prices on its cakes and pastries. That means the cost of preparing bakery
Just a day after USDA Chief Veterinary Officer John Clifford told Reuters last week that the agency believed the worst was
You can help chickens everywhere by refusing to buy any eggs and instead using egg-free options for your baking and cooking.
By Tom Polansek Iowa was already among the 12 U.S. states to have detected bird flu infections since the beginning of the