bird flu

The spread of the avian influenza virus on a mink farm in Spain has some scientists on edge.
A highly contagious strain of avian influenza has killed more birds in the country than any past flare-up.
Wildlife officials believe the black bear cub likely ate a bird that had died from the dangerous strain of avian influenza.
Noah's Ark sanctuary in Georgia has temporarily closed after a highly pathogenic strain of avian flu has killed hundreds of birds.
The disease has been detected in 40 states, as of June 3.
The man is largely asymptomatic, and health experts say the risk the virus poses to people remains low.
A highly contagious avian flu strain, H5N1, has killed many wild birds and led to the culling of millions of chickens and turkeys on farms.
A new strain of avian flu hit so far has led to millions of chickens and turkeys being killed across the United States.
A highly contagious and deadly avian flu spreading across the United States hit a massive egg-laying farm.
Most of the birds, including the peacocks who normally roam freely, will be sequestered inside due to worries over a deadly strain of avian flu.