birds of prey

3. Take a selfie and watch the sunset over Reading from the very random red Pagoda atop Mt. Penn. The 7-story high Pagoda
Most of us love nature, but how we view our relationships and any "role" in nature of course varies. We attempt to be a moral biped, and so we can be conflicted when we confront what we consider immoral behavior in nature. Yet, nature is amoral, not immoral.
The unintentional devastation of India's vultures is well-known. Yet here we see Spain ready to distribute and use veterinary diclofenac. Even minor usage of the drug on livestock may well lead to a collapse of Europe's wild birds of prey.
From Mother Nature Network's John Platt: When you're a bird of prey, height is to your advantage. Perching in a high tree
For Westerners, the idea of being eaten by an animal is considered the stuff of fantasy and horror films. However, for modern humans of the not-so-distant past, the prospect of being killed and eaten by wild predators was reality.