Birds (Pets)

"This just feels like the wrong ending to the story," said the ranger who found the bird's corpse.
“It’s a shame to see trees being literally made uninhabitable to birds.”
That means it can't curtail the annual "turkey drop" in Yellville, Arkansas.
Polly wants a cable connection?
“Part of living in paradise is keeping an eye on the storm.”
The two female birds don't mind sharing the male -- but they don't like sharing food.
The winning bird, "Cooked It," beat "Pluckedit" by a nose, er, beak.
More than $188,000 has been raised on Kickstarter to build nests for the imperiled African penguin.
Climate change and other effects of human activity are driving the endangered penguin to the brink.
Nine chicks have hatched and are on their way to a nearby farm.