The owners of curry houses in London's Brick Lane, Birmingham's Balti Triangle, and Preston speak frankly about their prospects for the future.
The bombing was a tipping point of the civil rights movement.
The city does not have the right to cover up a Confederate tribute, the court ruled.
"I refuse to contribute to anyone's hateful bullshit," Shu Shop's owner posted about Kilmeade's show at the Lyric Theatre in Birmingham.
The new facility could be complete around November, which is the same time the new state law will take effect unless blocked by courts.
The institute sparked outrage after it rescinded an award to the longtime civil rights activist, with speculation it was due to her activism for Palestinian rights.
The law violates the free speech of people "repulsed" by a Birmingham obelisk, the judge ruled.
The workers have a plausible claim that white Alabama lawmakers violated their rights by blocking Birmingham's minimum wage, an appeals court ruled.
The footrest on the electrically-powered seat clamped down on the victim's head.
A second student is in critical but stable condition, while an adult employee was treated and released at the scene.
Lisa McNair's sister was killed by the KKK. She recalled how she felt when her sister's killers were brought to justice.
To win, Doug Jones is banking on high turnout among the state’s nearly 900,000 African-American voters, who make up 26.6 percent of the electorate.
A tale of two 30-something mothers running for City Council 2,600 miles apart.
Inside Spike's, the queer, BDSM antidote to Roy Moore's rise.
With the support of national liberal groups, Randall Woodfin unseated a two-term incumbent.
We stopped in Birmingham, Alabama for HuffPost’s “Listen To America” bus tour. We met resident Susan Spann, who told us what losing her health care would mean.
"We've all got to come together ... The violence is out of control in my city and I hate it. I hate it so much."