birth certificates

The state will allow people to identify as "male," "female," or "X."
Last year, a group of Central American and Mexican immigrant parents sued Texas in federal court, claiming that the state
Why should adoptees be singled out with restrictive laws that apply only to them when even convicted felons have unrestricted access to their birth certificates?
What Texas is doing is unconstitutional. It’s also unconscionable.
The need for false birth certificates to maintain adoption as a lie has passed. It is obsolete. Yet, we are still living with outdated adoption laws and procedures that have not kept pace with the changing mores.
As though it weren't tough enough being trans, this month Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a bill -- passed by big margins in both houses of the New Jersey legislature -- that would have allowed transgender people to get new birth certificates without requiring them to undergo sex reassignment surgery.
The reality is that during the mid-20th century and beyond, severe religious, social and familial stigmas against unwed motherhood were the norm far beyond Ireland.
The leading Democrat in the secretary of state race, state Rep. Jason Kander, also opposes the proposal. "Colorado did this
Just for the hell of it, we ought to demand Donald Trump's long-form birth certificate, and records from when momma Trump delivered little Trumpy as well. Who knows, in those records may be the explanation for everything.
DES MOINES, Iowa -- Melissa Gartner will have to wait a bit longer to find out if she'll be listed on the birth certificate
Most of the seven million adopted Americans are denied a right so basic that it almost sounds like a joke: They cannot get access to their own original birth certificates.
Either way, in 2012 my college degree will be geocached under the Dunkin' Donuts and/or Jamba Juice across the street from