birth parents

"Because of you I got to witness a baby’s first smile."
Beginning with Thanksgiving and traveling right through to Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and into the New Year, family time is precious and plenty and for some, the adoption experience can take on a particular level of poignancy.
Many birth mothers highly recommend writing as part of the adoption process. For example, as you are deciding what's best
In just two more days, we will finally meet in person. Two days is not nearly enough time to prepare for this meeting, although in reality, I have had nearly 21 years to do that. You see, I am going to meet my firstborn son and his mother. His real mother.
I've been a mom-by-adoption for almost seven years now. We are an apparent adoptive family because we are white and our children are black, so we are often approached by strangers and asked questions. Consistently, these eight subjects come up in conversations.
It dawned on me that I had been parenting her for the exact number of months she had been with her first mother. My eyes welled up with tears, and I realized how completely devastated I would be if I had parented my baby for 40 weeks and then handed her to someone else... forever.
I want you both to know that by making that decision to adopt me three decades ago, Grandma and Grandpa truly changed my life. In a matter of a year, I went from being an orphan to becoming someone's daughter.
Adoption curiosity begins with the understanding of what it means to have been adopted and grows with knowledge of biology, birth and genetics. No matter how loved, happy and content, the adopted child grows up wondering why they were placed for adoption.
A baby boy was born in a big city hospital somewhere in the US. The birth mother had carried the baby to term, but had no
As I looked at the photos, I realized that I found myself unable to relate to any of the adoptees who were searching for answers. They had clues and tidbits of information they could use to help locate their birth parents. If I were to create a poster, it would be empty.