birth plan

One thing that's certain about birth is its unpredictability. But a birth plan can still be a useful tool for you and your care providers.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced Thursday that they are keeping things "private."
I tell myself that I wasn’t a medical professional, and there was no reasonable way to know I was in labor until it was too late.
An expectant father knows he desperately needs a thorough plan to avoid blacking out from the pressure to act like everything is completely normal and going great. Here are 10 suggestions for such a secret birth plan for dads.
Do what you have to do and feel comfortable with that. 1. I wanted to have an idea of what to expect: Ultimately, I knew
It was a very long night. The staff tried their best to induce labor naturally.  I respected their efforts, but there is nothing natural about being poked and prodded in the most intimate places by one stranger after the next. 
Tears began streaming down my face as I quickly grieved the birth plan I was giving up. The birth plan -- that, up until that point -- had been incredibly flexible.
I may not have gotten the birth of my dreams, but I did get the life of my dreams: one filled with excitement, joy, and more love than I ever imagined possible.