birth rate

Last year marked the fewest number of newborns in more than three decades.
It's part of a budget that hurts parents and families, from a White House that rips babies from mothers' arms.
In the U.S., women are essentially punished for having kids.
Get ready for a spike in births.
The largest decline was among black and Hispanic teens.
High unemployment leads to fewer births, but there might be a reason it's worse in Greece.
It is well known that the number of births to very young and young women is on the decline -- or was on the decline through 2014, the latest year for which Centers for Disease Control data are available.
The birth rate of triplets has declined, however.
As a caveat, these projections focus exclusively on the fertility cost of heat stress and do not offer insight into the costs of natural disasters or other major social changes resulting from climate change.
Several studies have indicated religion increases with age, with many returning to more active faith lives as they get married and have children. Contemporary cultural trends of young adults delaying marriage or embracing a single lifestyle may in part account for their lack of affiliation.