Birth weight

First off, birth weight is largely dependent on gestational age, meaning how much time the child spends in the womb.
H/T USA Today The baby girl's name is Mia Yasmin Garcia, and she joins four older sisters -- Britney Gonzalez, Ximena Hernandez
For example, charts may misclassify Asian women's babies as too small, or miss noting that some bigger babies are at risk
Seven is the number of pounds I lost in my first trimester with my son. Nine pounds was the estimate for my son's birth weight; the doctors thought he would be too big for my body. Forty-four pounds is what my 5-year-old son weighs today.
About 3 percent of the women were born prematurely (before 37 weeks of pregnancy), and 3.6 percent weighed less than 5.5
The research found that pregnant women exposed to the pesticide in their second trimester gave birth to babies weighing an
But those who qualify -- primarily those with earnings under $50,000 -- may have to wait longer than usual to receive the
With 24 years of success as our foundation, we enter our 25th year excited about new opportunities to improve the well-being of this region. Despite the progress we have made, severe health inequalities still threaten our nation.
The report also found a great variation in risk factors among different ethnic groups across the state. Hispanic mothers
Birth weights in the United States are on the decline, a study has found. The report, released Thursday, found a small but