birthright citizenship

“That’s not how the Constitution of the United States works,” the former president said in Florida.
Old footage of Cruz talking about the 14th Amendment has not aged well.
The speaker of the House echoed the legal consensus that only a constitutional amendment can revoke birthright citizenship.
"Late Show" host says there's a word to describe Trump's latest presidential power grab.
“Well, you obviously cannot do that,” the House speaker said.
"Wait. I was born in the United States to two Indian professionals who later became proud citizens of this country. So ... now I would be a citizen of India?"
He promised legislation "along the same lines" as Trump's proposed executive order eliminating citizenship rights for babies born to noncitizen parents.
Trump thinks he can erase birthright citizenship from the 14th Amendment with an executive order — he can’t.
Trump thinks he can erase birthright citizenship from the 14th Amendment with an executive order — he can’t.
I am what Trump would call an “anchor baby.”
Reporters shouldn't be fooled by Rep. Mike Coffman's recycled attempts to paint his Democratic challenger Morgan Carroll
"No. I don't think there's anything sincere about Mike Coffman," said Tancredo, whom Coffman once called his "hero." "Nothing
But as young adults, you totally need proof you hiked up the tall mountain before sunrise. And photographic evidence is must
Woods' office did not immediately return a call for comment on whether she agrees with Trump's immigration policy in its
Why does the United States incarcerate a higher percentage of its citizens than any other country in the world?
Some of Coffman's actual factual positions align with Trump's (against birthright citizenship, in favor of a worker underclass
Although public officials vied with one another to be more tough in preventing Asians coming here and abusing those already present, the Justices did not uniformly reject their claims. It was the opposite. Chinese entrepreneurs prevailed in Yick Wo. Their argument was novel.
When it comes to the Constitution, most of the self-proclaimed evangelicals in the current presidential field want to have it both ways. They pledge fidelity to the principles of the framers, yet their religiously inspired policies are often at odds with any plausible reading of the Constitution's text.