Biscuit legends Nathalie Dupree, Virginia Willis and Erika Council share their best tips and recipes.
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Despite how quickly they come together, biscuits can be tricky to make. If you're trying to make proper Southern biscuits
Chips are great, be they of the potato, bagel or pretzel variety. (We'll even snack on the kale kind when feeling virtuous.) So why do sweets get left out of the equation?
It's hard not to love a flaky, moist biscuit. But sometimes that biscuit you crave turns out to be a rock hard and flat disappointment. So what is the secret to making your biscuits rise to perfection?
H/T Pixable Luckily, Oliver and Cookie Monster have a bit of a history, so the actor knew exactly how to console his muppet
What makes a perfect biscuit? If you live in the South, everyone will tell you that you're making them wrong.
Combined with soft, and barely floral whipped cream, plus lightly macerated strawberries, it's a simple, wonderful summer dessert.
A cake or cupcake will have a fresher taste, and probably look better too.
You likely have the ingredients at hand: Do you have flour? Salt? Yogurt? Give yourself a mental high five -- you've got biscuits!
From glorious grilled corn to buttery biscuits, these side dishes are showstoppers.
Instructions: Tay Tea's Persian Rose "Love Spell" Cookies Makes approximately 6 dozen cookies Ingredients: Beat together