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Failure to acknowledge and address biphobia has had a powerful impact on bisexual health, forcing our risk factors to skyrocket past those of gay and lesbian people.
He also tied her checkered relationship with her mother to her attraction to women, and later offers her unsolicited (and
The queer world still exists apart -- discrete, you might say -- from the straight world, and to be a bisexual woman on OKCupid is to travel back and forth between them, bicoastal, bilingual, bicultural, always apologizing to one on behalf of the other.
Growing up kinky, queer, non-binary, and non-heteronormative is a mixed bag that often includes struggles and self-doubt. But you grow up, and chances are that you will find that person or those people who don't just accept you but are grateful for who you turned out to be.
As a bi woman, I, along with every bisexual person I've met, have heard the same handful of these ill-informed questions whenever I've chosen to open up about my orientation. Here are 11 things we bi women are just plain tired of hearing.
The central characters in the clip, a woman who identifies as bisexual and another who identifies as a lesbian, go to a party
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While the LGBT community fights for equality, there seems to be a rift from within, and judging by a new video, "What Lesbians Think About Bisexuals," work needs to be done to bridge the lesbian-bisexual divide. We talk with Arielle Scarcella about her dating preferences.
When I recently started falling for a guy, it shattered my world. I had always liked girls. I was a lesbian. But I knew that the feelings I had for this man were real when I felt my heart leap every time I walked into class and saw him. I had felt the same way about women in the past.
"The Peculiar Kind" kicks off its second season with a frank discussion of bisexuality. In its premiere Season Two episode