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Bishop Jakes also discussed his unique approach to covering race on the show.
Bishop ,  we might totally disagree on this. I'm decisively pro-inclusion. That said, we are still brothers in Christ. And, I have to be honest, my white elders -- evangelical men and fellow travelers in your generation -- remain silent or straight up antagonistic about these matters.
Jakes says following your passions can lead you on a path to destiny.
"They don't judge you. The program offers you a feeling of hope. The program taught me what it meant to forgive. If you want people to bless you and move forward despite your past, you have to learn to do that for others."
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I recently had a conversation with a black pastor who expressed surprise that Bishop Jakes had addressed the Black Lives Matter movement. Bishop Jakes' response to that is, "well, he must not know me."
Here are a few nuggets of wisdom from the world-renowned motivational speakers, celebrities and executives that participated in the event.
That will be our overall message: To reach for the stars no matter what your situation. Will there be obstacles? Yes. Will it be easy? Absolutely not. But there are too many examples of men who were able to be successful and make the right decisions who came from so-called "broken homes."
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"When I am in the area when I am using my instinct to creatively function I am passionate, I am empowered, I am motivated. Nothing is difficult to do."
"There are pastors whose ego demands that type of adulation... It's the part of ministry that I hate," Jakes said. "I hate
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"But you must realize, some people – that's all they got," Bishop Jakes says."That's really all they got." "I've had to learn