A witness who videoed the encounter said the bison became “agitated by all the people and noise” and “just kind of attacked.”
The president told the Football Championship Subdivision champions he could have had the White House prepare something, but "I know you people."
“I’m sorry to the buffalo. He didn’t deserve what I did to him,” Raymond Reinke told the court.
Harassing a bison isn't just disrespectful to wildlife, it's extremely dangerous.
"It's a hell of a way to be treated after four decades," says park superintendent Dan Wenk.
The National Park Service is stuck following a program it doesn't even like.
When the election is over, and things are back to normal, the bison will still be there, as it has for millennia. It can remind us how unified we are and how resilient we are. In the meantime, take a moment today to celebrate the bison on National Bison Day - still bringing people together and a symbol for all Americans.
Another visitor said she was tempted to try to help the calf, too.
Her previous owner described her as "like a precious gigantic dog."
We love our new national mammal, but is this really all Congress can do?