In an earlier terrifying attack, a man intervened after a massive animal knocked down his child.
Using the law to protect America’s national mammal could have major consequences.
The animal tossed a 25-year-old woman from Ohio into the air after she got within 10 feet of it.
As if anyone needed a reminder, bison "are unpredictable and can run three times faster than humans," a park spokesperson said.
"Prepare fer Rammin' speed, matey!" the National Park Service wrote of the encounter.
A disturbing video shows a female motorcyclist getting a little too close to a bison mother and her calf in Custer State Park in South Dakota.
"I’m not an animal person. I barely like dogs," Deion Broxton told HuffPost.
A witness who videoed the encounter said the bison became “agitated by all the people and noise” and “just kind of attacked.”
The president told the Football Championship Subdivision champions he could have had the White House prepare something, but "I know you people."
“I’m sorry to the buffalo. He didn’t deserve what I did to him,” Raymond Reinke told the court.