bisphenol a

CVS and other companies are shortening excessively long receipts and removing potentially harmful chemicals. That's good for the environment and your health.
Traces of BPA were found in 90 percent of urine samples taken from a group representative of the American population, the
Systolic blood pressure was about 5 mm/Hg higher after participants drank soy milk from cans than when they drank soy milk
Stewart said that he is "stoked" with the change. "If it means fewer chemicals I have to handle, I'm all for it," he told
"Those diseases cost money," Landrigan added. Trasande pointed to one proposed alternative, oleoresin. Using this mixture
The groups' new "Dirty Dozen" guide to what they deem the worst endocrine-disrupting chemicals lists ingredients that can
BPA and phthalates, key ingredients in many plastics and vinyls, may readily leach from some dog toys, according to a separate
Wait, so we may be setting the stage for diseases like breast cancer before a baby is even born?
Walmart's new policy signals a sea change for companies: complying with regulatory requirements is no longer enough; consumer demand has grown too loud to ignore.
Yes, this is turning into a mutant species horror movie. We, the people, are being biologically changed, by chemicals that disrupt our endocrine and neural development.