A dash of bitters often turn a cocktail from humdrum to exceptional. Think of it like the salt-and-pepper of the cocktail world.
Stock up; start experimenting; go nuts, if you're so inclined: It's all better with bitters.
With our nutrition priorities now straight, it's time to optimize. Along with sharply reducing sugar consumption, one of many other things you can do to improve your daily diet is indulge -- or cultivate -- a taste for bitter flavors.
Even if nothing ails you, try fixing one of these five tipples containing a range of bitters.
After my mother passed away last year, I was tasked with emptying out her house in Los Angeles. I found a wheeled, wrought-iron bar cart bearing funny swizzle sticks, a wooden monkey and four old bottles of whiskey. What now?
When making cocktails at home, carefully choose your ingredients. Never use pre-made mixes. Ever. Use fresh juices, good
Main image courtesy of Rob Ireton, Flickr. Bitters are made from high-proof alcohol or glycerin with barks, fruit peels, roots
Planning to end your year with a pop? Sparkling cocktails are a fun way to put an even more celebratory twist on the traditional glass of bubbly.
What to give the foodie who has everything? Our 10 ideas below would be a welcome addition to any chef's arsenal, from exotic
Bittersgate: Angostura Bitters Spokespersons Declare End Of Shortage On "Maddow" Angostura Bitters Spokespersons Declare Shortage apparently over, sort of On Rachel Maddow Show
The bar at Eleven Madison Park not only does the restaurant justice, but it's also my favorite place in the city to have a drink, whether I'm looking for a cutting-edge cocktail or simply a gin-and-tonic.