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One does not overcome basic anxieties and fears by facts and logic alone. If anything, cold facts and logic only drive people deeper into fantasies. One requires calm, soothing voices that can address deep underlying anxieties, fears, and fantasies not by naming them directly, but by telling stories that provide reassurance.
A Halloween-loving grandma was laid to rest in an unconventional funeral service Wednesday in England. Lorna Johnson, 56
There's nothing better than a great American cross-country road trip: soaking in the nation's majestic beauty, eating in tiny roadside diners, driving 150 miles out of the way to take a selfie in front of... a giant ball of string!
Coye was a key figure in the "weird fiction" genre. This was a generation of writers and illustrators working in the specific world of horror, sci-fi and bizarre pulp books and magazines. We look at them now as masters of a disappearing craft.
My sleep stories have definitely been a source of comedy in our relationship, but we recently wondered if there may actually be something wrong with me, and my brain. While Isaac would argue that yes, there is definitely something wrong with me (sleep disorder or not), a visit to a neurologist and a gold star on my sleep study proved otherwise.
It's not hard to imagine how one of our ancestors may have discovered the intoxicating effects of a decomposed batch of grapes left in a container for too long. But how do you explain such oddities as baby mouse wine or three-penis liquor?
While working on my new film in the Bay Area this summer, I had the good fortune of being introduced to Stephen Parr and his massive 6000 sq. ft. archive aptly named Oddball Films.
How great is this Pusheen tat? Those tattoos bearing your significant other's name aren't fooling us. It's time to put in
SyfY aired a Twilight Zone marathon for July 4, including "The Private World of Darkness." A few years ago, readers of The Twilight Zone Magazine voted it their favorite TZ episode.
It's not the size that counts, but the way it's incorporated into a themed restaurant that really matters.
There are plenty of foods that have no business being in a can.
Do you remember the blockbuster movie "Inception"? Well, this video from Daniel Eastvold is a whole lot like that, with levels
Let's face it: we're all going to die someday. From getting swallowed by an enormous sea creature to getting hit by a teleported
What comes to mind when you think of chewing gum? If you said a GIANT GODZILLA-LIKE CAT carrying a man around the streets
As the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues, conflicting reports have emerged on how long the plane stayed airborne after it vanished from radar.