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Honestly, I have never seen anyone other than my dog slurp slugs like such a pro. You must be the envy of every foodie and aardvark on the planet.
Credit: Flickr/Teseum 8 Weird Food Customs from Around the World EDITOR'S NOTE: It's so easy to go home after work and just
There are plenty of foods that have no business being in a can.
Andrew Zimmern is back with a fourth season of Bizarre Food America and one of his first stops on the road is Los Angeles
Season 4 clip from Bizarre Foods America
Ever the culinary warrior, Zimmern didn't shy from the chance to promote the idea of turning snakehead into food as a way
Happy Food Day! Today we might take a wakeful moment to give thanks to Mother Earth for nourishing us and our families over the centuries. It is a great day to consider what we put into our bodies and to take particular notice of the beautiful domino effect of supporting local food systems.
"Bizarre Foods" is an entertainment program, but in every episode and every story we try to convey a serious message: Let's look at how the rest of the world eats, and let's see what we can learn from other people to change our food lives for the better.
We interviewed Zimmern back when he was filming the episode in January, and here's what he had to say about California's
Zimmern thinks insects should be a part of the American diet. VIDEO: RICHIE MAGIC HUMAN ASHTRAY "Yeah," he said. In this
In honor of the 100th-episode milestone, the man who has traveled around the world and documented his gastronomic adventures eating bat paste, durian, and other bizarre foods, presents, in his own words, his observation on the top nine most bizarre American foods and where to get them:
Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern airs on Monday’s at 9pm ET/PT What's the most bizarre thing you've
Doesn't the name "sweetbreads" suggest something wonderful and tasty? However, the second it's explained that you're dining on a large mammal's thymus gland, not so much. Here are 12 other foods that seem like they could be a one-way ticket to uncontrollable vomiting.
"Bizarre Foods America" premieres Monday, January 23 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on the Travel Channel. The series begins in Zimmern's