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For the foreseeable future, art fans venturing to the Museum of Modern Art will be ogling mostly male artists. WHY?
Just an iconic rhythm and sound of Björk. 7. I Miss You/Björk 6. Human Behavior/Björk This is the kind of music I would love
What did the brilliant David Bowie Is get so, so right that the Museum of Modern Art's shockingly apathetic Björk retrospective got so, so wrong?
In non-Bjork English: Love is in the little details. Yet, in every single one of the exhibition's damning reviews, the blame
The exhibition presents Björk's oeuvre in many layers, with instruments, a theatrical presentation, an immersive sound experience, a focused audio guide, and related visualizations, from photography and music videos to new media works.
Björk just took her "Earth Intruder" status to the next level. News of the exhibit was announced last June. According to
Word was just announced that Icelandic songbird, human artwork and recent educational innovator Björkis slated for a multimedia retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art next year. We think a Björk-esque squeal is appropriate.