But critics of the bill say it would do nothing to curb the pressures on those women to have female children. Instead, they
Ross said she has a problem with the personhood movement limiting the civil rights of living women in order to grant them
When pressed by The Huffington Post about how the organization remains similar to the origins he ascribed to it, Santorum
Into this ambivalence stepped Life Always, a subsidiary of controversial anti-abortion group Heroic Media, whose mission
The Planned Parenthood New York March for Women's Health ignited a voice that said, "We will not be bullied by the racist
2010-11-30-Screenshot20101130at6.46.43PM.jpgAs a volunteer who escorts patients into an abortion clinic to "fend off" protesters, I routinely meet the people who compare abortion to slavery and worse.
The black community is the frequent testing ground for bad legislation and restrictive medical policies. But this time, according to sponsors and anti-abortionists, its purpose is to stop discrimination -- before birth.