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Most recently, a furor erupted on the site after news broke that one of the six women whose not-guilty vote set Zimmerman
Saki Knafo writes: "More than 30 states have passed laws in recent years requiring voters to display photo identification, which minorities and low-income Americans disproportionately lack." He joins Ahmed to discuss.
To Barber, the recent voting laws amount to an assault not just on blacks but on democracy itself. But as he points out, even
The death of Trayvon Martin and subsequent acquittal of George Zimmerman has given rise to particularly cynical, pessimistic
"I was driving and all of a sudden, KAPOW," she said. "With the recession going down the way it did in 2008 my bachelor's
"It took us seven days of trying, but we finally integrated that pool. And that was my introduction on civil rights. Change
  Hope, But Not Much Change What good is the White House Office of Urban Affairs? By Danielle Schlanger Still Climbing The